Retired general opposes vehicle, confirms BLM, Antifa Both when breaking into the Capitol

In the aftermath of January 6, the FBI held that there was no evidence of Black Lives Matter or antifa members participating in the events. However, many Americans with knowledge of the facts have questioned this suggestion.

In “Capitol Punishment,” January 6 attendees told the true story of that day instead of stories presented by the establishment’s media. The movie premieres today – Thanksgiving Day – and you can get your copy now.

FBI Director Christopher Wray told the Senate Judiciary Committee on March 2: “We have not seen any evidence of violent anarchist extremists or antifa registrants involved. to Friday”. Hill.

However, in the movie, the United States is retired Air Force Lieutenant General Thomas G. McInerny said that Wray should not be trusted.

“NS. Edgar Hoover would be proud of Director Wray,” he said. “He’s corrupt. We knew Black Lives Matter was there, and we identified them as antifa.”

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John Guandolo, who was formerly a FBI whistleblower to the US Capitol Police, also confirmed the presence of these groups and said that “they are everywhere.”

Will BLM and antifa join on January 6th?

Rich Gutowski, CEO of a life insurance company called Philanthropic Life, said he saw a man wearing a “military-style microphone” speak to participants inside the Capitol building. know where to go.

“He’s not a participant, he’s a director,” Gutowski said.

The events of January 6 includes more than just supporters of former President Donald Trump entering the Capitol building. “Capitol Punishment” seeks to tell the full, true story of those events – buy your copy now.

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