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Mr. Right [Chinese Drama] in Urdu Hindi Dubbed – Episode 16-20 Added – KDramas Hindi


” KDramas Hindi ” Mr Right 2018 is a Chinese Drama Dubbed in Urdu/Hindi Official and You can watch or Download it from the below links if you don’t know how to download then click on How to Download link below and Don’t forget to give feedback in the comments. Thanks


Popular Chinese drama “Mr. Right” centres on the fascinating world of seasoned matchmakers, their customers, and the challenges of contemporary dating. The show combines aspects of drama, comedy, and romance to create a compelling story.

The protagonist of the tale is Gao Hai, who is represented by well-known Chinese actor Jin Dong. Brilliant and charming matchmaker Gao Hai is renowned for his remarkable capacity to successfully unite couples who appear to be mismatched. Given his unrivalled reputation in the industry, he is known as “Mr. Right.” His personal life, however, is far from ideal because he battles emotional scarring from a previous sorrow.

When Gao Hai meets the independent and headstrong woman Ai Xin, who is portrayed by actress Maggie Jiang, his life takes an unexpected turn. Ai Xin is a gifted psychologist with a focus on examining and comprehending behavioural patterns in people. Because of her past unsuccessful romances, she has a pessimistic view of love and romance.

The first time they meet, Ai Xin criticises Gao Hai’s matching abilities and dismisses the notion of true love. They are frequently drawn together by a sequence of coincidences and catastrophes, but fate has other plans for them. As they get to know one another better and learn about their own pasts and vulnerabilities, these random encounters gradually turn into deeper connections.

Li Chengjun, played by Li Naiwen, who is Gao Hai’s close friend and business partner, complicates things even further. Li Chengjun is a devoted and well-intentioned character who has romantic sentiments for Ai Xin of his own. Due to the creation of a love triangle, the tale is given intensity and emotional depth.

Gao Hai and Ai Xin take on numerous matchmaking tasks in addition to navigating the ups and downs of their personal life. New clients with distinct relationship issues are introduced in each episode, and Gao Hai’s skill is tested as he looks to match them with the ideal partner. These supporting stories underscore the difficulties of contemporary dating and love while adding humour and touching scenes to the show.

The play “Mr. Right” examines themes of fate, destiny, and the transforming power of love throughout the course of the story. In addition to assisting his clients in finding love, Gao Hai’s abilities as a matchmaker act as a mirror for his own emotional journey. He slowly learns to accept his past and learns to reopen his heart to the prospect of love as he assists others in overcoming their relationship challenges.

The show also explores the psychology of love and how crucial it is for couples to communicate and understand one another. The study of human emotions and behaviour is made more in-depth because to Ai Xin’s training as a psychologist, and the conflict and character development that results from their encounters.

The sweet and enjoyable drama “Mr. Right” provides viewers with a blend of romance, humour, and self-discovery. It has garnered a devoted following in the world of Chinese television thanks to its well-formed characters, captivating plot, and topics that appeal to contemporary audiences. The show ultimately serves as a reminder that even the most talented matchmakers occasionally require some assistance in finding their own happily ever after.

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Drama NameMr. Right
CountryChinese Drama
LanguageHindi Urdu Dubbed
ByKDramas Hindi

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