Looks like the new world might hold a winter festival event

Amidst all the problems that New world the team has been up against since its launch in September, according to a new interview, it looks like the team at Amazon is moving forward with trying to get more content into the hands of players. This could also mean in the form of a winter-themed seasonal event coming up here.

In one Interview with PCGamesN, game director Scot Lane seems to have left the door open for this year’s winter festival, although specifics (and outright confirmation) have not been shared with the store. When asked about seasonal events and yes or no New world have any plans to organize any, Lane replied:

“I think seasonal events are hugely important to MMO and something that we definitely want to do.”

Plus, while Lane couldn’t share exactly what was on their mind, he quipped that “winter is a great time for festivals,” so, you know. Looks like it might be happening.

When that might happen is another story, especially since each update seems to cause more problems than it’s fixed. Most recently players have noticed issues with the recent patch time skip fix with Amazon need close servers in the European Union for maintenance due to compensation issues from its recent outage.

New World of recently Into the void Update brings new content, as well as the new Void Gauntlet weapon for players, though that update has been met with criticism, as well as overall stability issues. Team addressed these concerns, although more and more updates cause problems, the player confidence seems to be on the decline. Hopefully Amazon can steer the ship here towards whatever festive events are planned, or else it could be a chilling Aeternum gearing up for the new year. Looks like the new world might hold a winter festival event


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