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Fight for My Way (Korean Drama) Urdu Hindi Dubbed Episode 02-04 Added – KDramas Hindi


Can you still go after your dreams without the right background? Ko Dong Man has always dreamed of becoming famous as a taekwondo athlete but now works as a contract employee in a mundane job. His bickering longtime friend, Choi Ae Ra, aspires to become a television anchor but works instead at the information desk of a department store. Their friends, Kim Joo Man and Baek Seol Hee have been dating for six years but face a new threat to their relationship. Can the four friends achieve their individual dreams despite having “third-rate” qualifications?

Fight For My Way Korean Drama Review

If you are looking for a Korean drama that will make you feel good about yourself, Fight for My Way may be just the show for you. The underlying theme of this show is that love isn’t enough if it isn’t fueled by a genuine connection with the people around you. With a simple and honest narrative that shows the reality of everyday life, Fight for My Way is sure to make you feel warm and fuzzy after watching every episode.

This drama follows the lives of two lifelong friends who are not exactly what we might consider attractive. Park Seo Joon, who plays simple-minded Dong Man, is very funny and endearing. His smile and affable aura make him a perfect choice for the role. The drama focuses on the ambiguous friendship between Dong Man and Aera, who are both secretly in love. Despite their differences, they are always rooting for one another.

As the lead, Park Seo-Joon gives a memorable performance. Though he’s a man, he is able to write a strong female character. That’s a rare feat for male-centric dramas. With his talent for writing strong characters, Fight for My Way is a must-watch Korean Drama. The storyline is engrossing and the cast is great.

The storyline of the Korean drama is a compelling one, and it has a strong message for viewers to get behind. With a pessimistic and realistic character, Dong Man is a worthy hero. His love interest is the son of a wealthy man, and he is destined to win the match. Ultimately, he has his heart set on the fight, and will do whatever it takes to win the match.

Dong-Man, the main character, is a sweet and caring character. He is compassionate and protective of his friends and family, including his best friend, Choi Ae-Ra. Though he’s a great person, his dream to become a sports announcer has been dashed. Despite his disappointment, he never gives up on his dream. As an actress, Kim Ji Won enthralled viewers with her strong, powerful, and convincing performance.

The relationship between Dong Man and Sul Hee is a very relatable one. In the beginning, they both feel compelled to protect each other. However, they also have problems with each other. Joo Man is torn between being a gentleman and being kind. The latter tries to protect his girlfriend but always forgets her emotions. In the end, his actions bring about an inevitable split. The end of Fight For My Way is bittersweet, but a well-written and entertaining Korean drama can have us cheering for the hero.


  • Drama: Fight For My Way
  • Country: South Korea
  • Episodes: 16
  • Original Network: KBS2
  • Duration: 60 min.
  • By: KDramas Hindi

Fight for My Way (Korean Drama) Urdu Hindi Dubbed – KDramas Hindi


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